Tales of The Unexpected

For sure, most of you have recently watched the film series Tales of The Unexpected, waiting for the surprising denouement. Connoisseurs of exciting tales know the author of that TV production – that`s the writer Roald Dahl. He is the master of the short story, keeping the reader in constant suspense and anticipation. These ones who have special attitude to literature are informed that there are few masters of short stories over the world.
So, Roald Dahl is one of them and his book Tales of The Unexpected is favorite reading mater of people everywhere. Critics often compare him with O Henry. In my opinion, writers should not be confronted. Anybody, who has read Roald Dahl, confirms that in his publications it can be found black humor. Tales of The Unexpected illustrates characters whose next steps are always a mystery.
The characters of Roald Dahl are ordinary people. The situations in which they act are unusual. Through of their resourcefulness there is not unsolvable problem. The subjects are quite diverse but there is a common point between all of them: inability to catch the breath in anticipation of the denouement; every story is interesting from the first to the last minute, created in short and palpitating manner. As I said, that is a unique talent because to say the most important in a few words is extremely difficult.
There are one more Tales of The Unexpected by Edgar Allan Poe. Surely, he is other master of the confusing and short stories. The reader cannot predict the end but this is exactly the real pleasure of reading.
If you are a little bit more excited now than in the beginning, you must read Edgar Allan Poe`s book. In my view, the edition by New Media Group and Svetlyo Kantardzhiev is the best on the Bulgarian market.

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